5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 | 5: Container Gardening

5 Landscaping Trends in 2020: Ponds & Water Features Transitional & Contemporary Gardens Rooftop Gardens Vertical Gardens Container Gardening It’s hard to go wrong with container gardening. Believe me. There is nothing more flexible in gardening as growing stuff in pots. Once sowed, or planted, a pot can be moved Continue Reading

5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 | 3: Rooftop Gardens

Apart from the aesthetics and tranquility such a rooftop garden offers, it also receives the most sun (and rain, if and when it happens) in the house, therefore it’s naturally the ideal location for your agricultural efforts. Take the opportunity to grow some easy crops like fruit and vegetables in raised planters on your rooftop.

5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 | 1: Ponds & Water Features

In the series we’ll share our predictions of what we think the trend in landscaping in 2020 will be: the first of our predictions is that the importance of water features will be fully appreciated this year. From ponds to wall waterfalls to fountains. Why? Well consider this list of Continue Reading