Making space for our little friends. Birds welcome!

I don’t know about you, but to me, a garden is never complete without it welcoming our little friends. Birds – and yes, insects too – have a very close relationship together and they complete the full gardening experience. That’s why whenever I design a new garden, I put some thought into how to invite… Continue reading Making space for our little friends. Birds welcome!

A small garden transformation

What can you do with a garden that’s only 6 meters by 4 meters? A lot! Have a look at this transformation we’ve accomplished. Some plants were inherited so we didn’t have a choice but to use them, while others were specifically bought for the space. (swipe the image to see the before and after… Continue reading A small garden transformation

Accessorise your Garden!

The Case for Garden and Pond Accessories. Accessories are important for any living space. They add that necessarily personalisation add reflect the owners’ sentiments quite nicely. We show how some could be placed around your garden and pond in the above video. Please share how you decorated yours! Send your pictures and videos to hello@gardenaffairs@me… Continue reading Accessorise your Garden!

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