5 Things to do to Take Care of your Pond and Fish

Garden ponds, especially if they also include fish, do require regular a little maintenance. Here are 5 things to do to keep your pond pristine and fish stock healthy:

  1. Add aquatic plants to your pond. Apart from the fact that they will act as a biological filter for your water as they will help in the decomposition of fish waste and convert that into good plant nutrition. Aquatic plants will also provide shade which will reduce the water temperature. This is a very much needed thing in our hot and arid climate, and your fish will love you for it too.
  2. Clear out debris regularly before they decompose.
  3. Only feed your fish what they can completely eat within 5 minutes. Any food that is left over will decompose and affect the health and clarity of your pond.
  4. Install a properly sized filter and pump for your pond. Remember that you need to circulate all the water in your pond at least one an hour. So if for example your pond’s capacity is 2,000 litres, get a pump that is rated at least 2000 litres per hour, but double that if you have fish in the pond too.
  5. Add a properly sized UV light for your pond, and remember that it’s not just the power rating that is important for a UV light, but the rate at which the water travels through it that is important. The water needs to be slow enough for the light to have an effect on the algae by hopefully killing it which will keep your water clear rather than become a large green soup!

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