Making space for our little friends. Birds welcome!

I don’t know about you, but to me, a garden is never complete without it welcoming our little friends. Birds – and yes, insects too – have a very close relationship together and they complete the full gardening experience.

That’s why whenever I design a new garden, I put some thought into how to invite birds in. So I hung a bird feeder on a bracket between the outside and inside gardens and boy were we rewarded. The feeding station constantly welcomes a multitude of silverbills, sparrows, wood pigeons, bulbuls and even a budgie. Their boisterous shenanigans to get a foothold on the bird feeder, their song, and their twitterings and how they wait for me to refill it every day really add beautiful elements to our garden

We thoroughly enjoy all of that and it encourages us to spend much time outside in the garden.

I hope you too can enjoy such company by placing your own feeder and bird bath. And if you do, please share your videos and pictures so we can feature them here. Send them to me via WhatsApp on +973-33442255.

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