5 Landscaping Trends | 4: Vertical Gardens

Vertical garden, living wall, green wall and living green walls are some of the names that indicate the same thing: plants positioned vertically and normally fed hydroponically to fill a wall with greenery and flowers. These walls can be internal or external, as small as a picture frame or a gigantic 20-meter installation.

This need not be complicated, so don’t be intimidated. The simplest vertical garden you can easily create is to hang a few potted plants on your wall. Place a few brackets and hang the pots on them, and hey presto, you have a green living wall.

But as you might have guessed, simple ideas are just too simple for people, so some complication can actually bring pleasure to some people. And in comes the myriad of cups, pots, plastic sleeves and trellises for people to while away their time with, and some will actually create some beautiful arrangements with.

These pre-fabricated vertical installations are mostly like socks that can receive a plant or planter, and then some sort of piping and drip system will be utilized to water them at regular intervals. What you can plant here is up to your imagination; you can plant herbs, annuals and perennials to suit your design scheme and needs.

What comes after that is the regular garden maintenance chores; pruning, feeding, fertilising, pest control, dead-heading, etc. These green walls – like any regular garden – can last for many happy years amply rewarding you with good dividends on your investment of time and energy. 

I’m not going to go in to the how-to’s in building such a wall, but I’ll share with you some examples to get your imagination going. Here are just four installations, let me know what you think in the comments:

And, as usual, if you have created a vertical garden installation, please share your pictures and experiences. Email me at hello@gardenaffairs.me or WhatsApp me on +973-33442255. We’ll be happy to create green walls for you too. Again, just give us a buzz to start the conversation.

Happy gardening!

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