5 Landscaping Trends | 5: Container Gardening

It’s hard to go wrong with container gardening. Believe me. There is nothing more flexible in gardening as growing stuff in pots. Once sowed, or planted, a pot can be moved anywhere and can be put in all manner of arrangements to create the beautiful vista you desire.

And potted plants are not limited to particular plants, anything can be grown in an appropriate pot. I’ve seen huge olives, washingtonias, plumerias, lemons, oranges, and many other types of trees happily ensconced in pots. Some pots are huge and unwieldy to be sure, but they too can be moved.

There is also nothing stopping you from planting other types of fruits and vegetables in pots. Many have done so very successfully. 

Containers need not be the typical pot-style either. Containers come in all shapes and sizes too. Round, oval, square, irregular, rectangle are just some of the shapes available as are the sizes and material used to manufacture them. Pots are available in clay and porcelain – which are the traditional material used and now more popularly, plastics and fibre glass which makes them light and ideal for rooftop and balcony uses.

You can also satisfy your design senses with pots of different colours, and I predict that as in 2020 the colour “Classic Blue” has been declared the colour of the year by Pantone, expect to see many blue pots available for sale this year, not that blue has not been a classic pot colour in gardening for millennia that is, so we gardeners are ahead of the curve there.

Here are some potted gardens for your inspiration. Show us yours by sending your pictures to hello@gardenaffairs.me or tag them #gardenaffairs.me for others to enjoy and be inspired by your efforts.

Happy gardening!

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