Water in Garden Affairs

Apart from the fact that nothing will grow without it, water’s function goes beyond irrigation to providing a calming influence just by its cascading sound. And as gardens are spaces of serenity, that added aural influence, greatly enhances the welcoming atmosphere.

Where would you place a pond is a valid question. Maybe this is prompted by the thought that ponds take a large space. This is not so. If the intention is to augment the garden’s serenity by using both the visual and aural influence a pond and fountain will provide, then even a small water feature should suffice. Examples of such installations abound.

The first pond we built was just 2.5m x 1.5m in dimensions. Its capacity was around 1,300 liters. Its beauty was greatly enhanced by the placement of a statue of a young girl holding a jug aloft from which a small fountain issued.

The garden which it graces is actually quite small; only about 5m x 4m, yet, the space taken by the pond created an instant gorgeous feature that provided a focus for even that small space, and completely changed its atmosphere. The addition of a few fish also added more impact to the installation.

Whenever you would like to discuss an addition of a water feature to your garden, please let us know. Just call us on +973.33668811.

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