5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 | 1: Ponds & Water Features

In the series we’ll share our predictions of what we think the trend in landscaping in 2020 will be: the first of our predictions is that the importance of water features will be fully appreciated this year. From ponds to wall waterfalls to fountains. Why? Well consider this list of 7 benefits of water features… Continue reading 5 Landscaping Trends in 2020 | 1: Ponds & Water Features

A small garden transformation

What can you do with a garden that’s only 6 meters by 4 meters? A lot! Have a look at this transformation we’ve accomplished. Some plants were inherited so we didn’t have a choice but to use them, while others were specifically bought for the space. (swipe the image to see the before and after… Continue reading A small garden transformation

Water in Garden Affairs

Apart from the fact that nothing will grow without it, water’s function goes beyond irrigation to providing a calming influence just by its cascading sound. And as gardens are spaces of serenity, that added aural influence, greatly enhances the welcoming atmosphere. Where would you place a pond is a valid question. Maybe this is prompted… Continue reading Water in Garden Affairs