A small garden transformation

What can you do with a garden that’s only 6 meters by 4 meters?

A lot!

Have a look at this transformation we’ve accomplished. Some plants were inherited so we didn’t have a choice but to use them, while others were specifically bought for the space.

(swipe the image to see the before and after stages)

The plant inventory used here include:

  1. 1x Cycad
  2. 1x Tui (mangrove trumpet tree)
  3. 4x ixoras
  4. 3x ful
  5. 3x Mohammadi roses
  6. 1x yellow lemon
  7. 1x pomelo
  8. 1x asparagus for ground cover
  9. Zephyr Lillies
  10. Jade plants (kept as potted plants mostly)
  11. 2x euphorbia milii hybrid
  12. 1x euphorbia milii hybrid large leaf
  13. 3x canna
  14. 1x bougainvillea 

We also took the opportunity to install a lovely pond in this garden, and as you can see, it fitted perfectly well and added positively for the overall ambiance. The sound of water and the fish add to the serenity of the place.

Oh, and click here to see how we transformed another garden where we dug out the tiles and replaced them with a nice lawn.

And here’s the video too 😉

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