5 Landscaping Trends | 1: Ponds & Water Features

5 landscaping trends in 2020

In the series we’ll share our predictions of what we think the trend in landscaping in 2020 will be: the first of our predictions is that the importance of water features will be fully appreciated this year. From ponds to wall waterfalls to fountains.


Well consider this list of 7 benefits of water features in gardens:

  1. Water cools down your garden, and we know how desperate we need that in our climate in Bahrain.
  2. A water feature invites local wildlife to your garden; from birds to dragonflies to other beneficial insects. This adds a lot of variety to the garden rather than a simple austere greenery. The chirping of birds bathing, frolicking and drinking from your water feature is enough benefits to justify having a water feature!
  3. A water feature is infinitely customizable and that makes your garden quite unique.
  4. Water features don’t need much maintenance. If you install the properly sized filter and pump, it will really look after itself for a good period of time.
  5. Water features do not require much space in your garden! A pondless fountain will take very little space for instance. Same with a wall fountain if installed correctly.
  6. Water features project size to your garden. The reflective properties of water allows for this phenomenon. You can augment that by installing dark lining to your water feature and provide some underwater lights.
  7. Most of all, water features creates serenity and tranquility in the garden, especially in noisy neighborhoods by attenuating external noises. All you need to create a peaceful haven in your garden is to install a fountain or even better a pond with some fish. Plant some water lilies or some fragrant flowers on the boarder of the pond and you will have made your tranquility dream come true!

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing our thoughts on modern or transitional landscape design and the elements that this design philosophy encompasses.

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